G.SHDSL modem för höga hastigheter.

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NexComm N51 /N52   NexComm Systems’N50 series, cost-effective simple bridge Ethernet Network Extender, provides a remarkably flexible and easy-to-use solution enabling Service Providers and Enterprises to extend the Ethernet connectivity over existing copper infrastructure. Designed with standard-based EFM technology (2BASE-TL) support symmetrical bandwidth at rates

FM bonding , 1-2 pair  (15-30 Mbps)




NexComm  N562/N564   15Mbps per pair  EFM Bonding (PAF) 2-4 pair ( 15-60 Mbps )

Ethernet Demarcation, Daisy Chain configuration supporting Add Drop configuration                                      Flexible configuration – CPE or COE, Low Delay, Jitter and Packet Loss for delay sensitive application                    EFM OAM support - IEEE802.3ah, QoS feature for guaranteed ethernet service

SNMPVLAN, QoS,  Q-in-Q,  P-to-P,  P-to-Multipoint


NexComm  N560FH   EFM bonding  2-4 pair (15-60 Mbps),   INDUSTRI (-20C-+70C)

 SNMP, VLAN,  QoS, Q-in-Q,  P-to-P,  P-to-Multipoint


Add Drop Configuration supporting linear hop configuration Easily extend Ethernet over Copper connectivity in linear way up to 30 hops without causing delayin data transmission.                                                                                    This configuration is quite popular in Railway industry.

     NexComm N4224    24 port  Access Concentrator / DSLAM   (15 Mbps/pair)

ATM/EFM mode selectable, 2-wire / 4-wire / 6-wire / 8-wire mode selectable EFM OAM support  EFMC Bonding (PAF), P-Multipoint, up to 24 CPE



NexComm N5000 DSLAM - for SHDSL EFM applications   (15 Mbps/pair)

N5000 is DSLAM for upto 32 ports of 2-pair SHDSL links or upto 16 port of 4-pairs SHDSL links.                            It has two uplink ports (copper + fiber) VLAN (Virtual LAN) IEEE802.1Qbridging including double-tagging, (Q-in-Q), QoS. UCLI management over SSH, WEBUser Interface, SW/FW remote upgrades, SNMP, Application Areas, Broadband symmetrical copper internet connections High-speed,  point-to-point access networks, last mile access

2x3 fans, 48 VDC, includes CSM Control & Uplink Card



                                          Här finns senast            FW 1.7.3         Release note    till N500 modemen



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